Australian artist set to release an album on tales of travel

Spaceman Africa is set to release the first single from his recorded album, Africa as in the Continent, ahead of the album’s release Saturday, July 28.

The single ‘Bondage Bob’, recorded in 2017 at Alpha Binary Studio in Canberra, is set to be released on Friday, July 13 complete with an animated video.

Spaceman’s unique indie-rock compositions are musical versions of the multitude of humorous stories from his experiences travelling the world. Fans have likened Spaceman’s music to that of Lou Reed and Bob Dylan and described his amusing lyrics comparable to Tenacious D and Flight of the Conchords.

Spaceman started playing music as a teenager, first learning classical piano and then later expanding to the guitar and bass so he could play his favourite modern day music. After playing in various rock bands in his early 20’s, Spaceman hopped on a plane at age 22 bound for Europe and has consistently been travelling for the past 20 years. Travelling so extensively has given Spaceman plenty of writing material, which he has used to create music and even a memoir.

“Music has always been a passion of mine and writing music to entertain my fans is so rewarding. To finally record an album and release music is a great achievement, something I am very proud of and excited to share,” said Spaceman. “As the songs are musical tales about my life, I thought the best name for the project would be Spaceman Africa the Musical.”

In 2018 Spaceman performed Spaceman Africa the Musical for the first time accompanied by a band. He was joined by two of his longtime close friends, Miss J Love on the bass guitar and Nicholas Lee-Murphy on the drums.

“Performing with close friends was a great experience. I was, also, able to fulfil two lifelong dreams; to perform my songs live with a band and to perform at the iconic Canberra venue, The Phoenix Pub,” continued Spaceman Africa.

As well as the album, Spaceman has written a book to accompany the album that contains the stories behind each of the songs. Check for more details.

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