CBA,NAB suspending use of PageUp’s systems

CBA is among a number of Australian companies which may have been affected by a data security incident at HR technology provider PageUp.

In a CBA statement, Protecting data is one of our most important responsibilities, so we have taken a cautious approach and are suspending our use of PageUp’s systems and will continue to share information on CBA Newsroom while we conduct an investigation into this issue.

On the other hand ,

NAB is among a number of large Australian organisations which has suspended its use of external recruitment technology provider, PageUp People.

This follows advice from PageUp People that it is currently investigating unauthorised activity on its IT system – as detailed on its website.

The NAB Job Search portal, used for both internal and external recruitment activities, is supported by PageUp and is therefore currently unavailable.

NAB is seeking further information from PageUp People about this incident.

NAB’s Chief Privacy Officer, Jade Haar: “We take the security of personal information extremely seriously. We have an active investigation to ascertain what data, if any, has been affected.

“We are working closely with PageUp and the relevant authorities to take appropriate action, as quickly as possible.

“We apologise for any concern this issue may cause.

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