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Launched in 2018 Reporti is an independent Social  news network, Australia-Based and news and current affairs site extensively use online multimedia including video, pictures, text and audio. It also uses social media sites for news distribution.

Reporti is located in the heart of Adelaide’s most exciting, Diverse and Vibrant communities.

We at Reporti deliver unquestionable news gathering where YOU tell the stories with two principles in mind  – freedom of speech and freedom of information.

Reporti promotes investigative journalism and supports trustworthy, relevant, public interest information, freely accessible for all.

Reporti is a multimedia platform and independent source of digital news and recognize the Standard of Practice of the Australian Press Council and Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance Journalist Code of Ethics

We’re passionate about improving the sustainability of high-quality journalism and aimed at supporting and encouraging professional and ethical journalism.

WE support Press Freedom. We are not for profit Organization

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