Thanking Mothers

Mothers are under more pressure today than they have ever been! That’s why Dads4Kids is initiating a “Thanking Mothers” Community Service Announcement (CSA) TV campaign scheduled for release in the lead up to Mother’s Day on 13 May 2018. The amazing sacrifice that mothers make is often invisible to Dads and children. 

Mothers are not appreciated as much as they should be in the broader community either. The team at Dads4Kids wants to change that and give credit where credit is due. The mothers of Australia, and of the world, deserve our whole-hearted applause and appreciation.

Let’s all join in a massive vote of thanks for mothers the world over!

Warwick Marsh, CEO of Dads4Kids, said, “Rudyard Kipling wrote: ‘God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers’. But a relatively recent study shows Mr Kipling to be not entirely correct as mothers are not superhuman and need our support more than ever. Mothers have less time to themselves and feel under greater pressure to juggle work and family life than the previous generation. As a result, 88 per cent say they feel guilty about the lack of time they spend with their children”.

Marsh, quoting from the Daily Mail said, “Being a mother is apparently not like it was in the good old days. Today’s parents yearn for the golden age that their own mothers enjoyed in the 1970s and 1980s, researchers found”.

Marsh continued, “This survey of 1,000 mothers also found that more than a third said they had less time to themselves than their mothers did – just three hours a week or 26 minutes a day. And 64 per cent said this was because they felt they ‘had’ to go out to work, while nearly a third (29 per cent) said they were under constant pressure to be the ‘perfect mother’… Critics say the pressure on women to work long hours and leave their offspring in the hands of nurseries or childminders, is putting the well-being of their children at risk.”

Quoting from Dr Jordan Peterson, whose recent book “12 Rules for Life” has been number one on Amazon for 3 months, Marsh said, “Dr Jordan Peterson is a passionate supporter of motherhood and in his book he says, “It’s not for nothing that the Holy Mother and Infant is a divine image… Societies that cease to honour that image – that cease to see that relationship as of transcendent and fundamental importance – also cease to be”.

Wrapping up, Marsh said, “Let us all continue to practice saying thank you to our mums because everyone has a mother to thank! Where would any of us be without our mother?”

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