Vlog 04 Vivid Sydney 2018 | Cruise Experience | IPHONE X

Joey Cortez

JORHIX Escapades is a young couple who recently moved from the Philippines to Australia. They are fond of documenting their trips through filming and vlogging.

They have just started this hobby a couple of years back. They find it very interesting and fun to share their experiences to others, whilst having a keepsake of their happy memories and adventures together.

Neither of them have a background or formal studies in relation to film. They are working in totally different fields on regular days. Their passion to create content and to impart their wonderful experiences is what drives them to learn more about filming. They work on it as a team. Joey is mainly the one who does the filming and editing and Rhix does a few filming and scriptwriting.

JORHIX as they call themselves is derived from combining their names. They are still new in this field. Hence, they are still learning and would like to gain experience by gaining more exposure and having their contents available for public to view.

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