Why New Zealand is left off world maps

It seems there’s a growing collection of maps throughout the world that have one glaringly obvious omission – New Zealand.

With international news channels, the likes of BBC, Conde Nast Traveler and the Telegraph, getting wind of the situation and a social channel discussion board with almost 40,000 members in full swing it’s little wonder the news is spreading and theories are abound.

The hilarious video shows prime minister and NZ comedian Rhys Darby questioning why the nation has been omitted from so many maps was made by Tourism NZ as part of a new promotion campaign, highlighting the hashtag #getNZonthemap.





From the world map on Getty’s stock photo library, Shutterstock to the souvenir globe at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum it seems little old New Zealand is nowhere to be seen! Then there’s the television weather reports, board games, coffee shops, world globes…and not to mention Central Park Zoo!

For a country that’s bigger in land area than the UK, and more than two-thirds the size of either Japan or Germany – a landmass that includes a lake around the same size as Singapore, has a mountain chain that’s bigger than the entire European Alps and more coastline than California, Alaska and Florida all rolled up together its unfathomable New Zealand has been accidentally missed off.



A growing collection of New Zealand fans are convinced it must be a global conspiracy to deliberately leave New Zealand out of the picture and are keen for answers.

PM Jacinda Ardern is in the loop and has appointed LA-based Kiwi Actor and Comedian Rhys Darby to investigate possible conspiracy theories offshore.

There are 100’s of reasons why New Zealand is most definitively on the world map so it’s time to get to the bottom of why it’s missing and set things straight!

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